Dating Now vs Back Then

You know that back in the day it was you, your man and your children. You had a wonderful life and even if you didn’t you wouldn’t show it because it wasn’t lady like to act out of character. You were the woman of the household, you held it down why your man took care of everything else. If the husband cheated, the wife knew but she didn’t speak on it and she wouldn’t act out in front of the kids because it wasn’t the right thing to do. If she cried it would be when she was alone.

Back in the day people had to rely on their own immediate social groups or even their parents to help them find prospective partners, but the advent of everything from online dating to speed dating has made it far easier to connect with different people. What’s more, there are far fewer stigmas when it comes to the types of people society judge as being a good match. It’s sad to say that back in the day, some couples may have faced opposition for being of different races, religions or class. A reaction like this is far more unlikely now. One positive aspect to dating back in the day was the amount of time that people were able to devote to getting to know each other. People were typically less busy and had more leisure hours to devote to burgeoning new relationships. However, the flip side of this is the fact that courtship’s tended to be long and tricky back then, and you were often winning over more than just the heart of your beloved.

On the other hand, it can’t be denied that some of the benefits to dating in the 50s had a lot to do with manners. By taking a leaf out of the old book of romance and holding open doors, giving gifts, writing thank you notes and making a special effort for your sweetheart, you could combine some of the best bits of 50s dating with all of the advantages the scene offers today.

Today it’s I’ll sleep with you and debate if your worth keeping around or I’ll use you until I get what it is I want, I won’t open the door for you, I want you to pay because I DON’T feel like spending it, I won’t say thank you because I’m doing you a favor, I won’t be romantic because I’m not into showing emotions. When people date today they don’t get the time to know one another if anything they rush into it and it falls apart just as fast as it was put together and then they wonder why it doesn’t work. Now today if you found out your spouse was cheating you’d lose your composure. You wouldn’t care if you showed out because you acted off your emotions vs logic.


10 thoughts on “Dating Now vs Back Then

    • dalesanicole says:

      I feel it’ll get better but YOU have to DO better. Never settle, why settle when you can be happy?? Never lower your standards for the satisfaction of another, that’s the biggest mistakes some of us make but you get what you tolerate. Thanks!!

  1. The22ndG says:

    Allow me to fit in at the point you brought it to an end, where you say; “Women letting men do as they please”. Fantastic conclusion. All those good things you say happened back in the day were based on He & She knowing who they where. Today it is much like you defined “all about self”. I wanna deploy the word “pity” but my Momma would diss me for stoopin’ to feel when another acts from a point of ignorance. Dating as then can also be found now, but… If it isn’t in you no matter how hard you try, it isn’t gonna become a part of your persona. F.F.T. (Food For Thought), stay true to you and if he doesn’t make you feel the way you wanna feel, realize it is “his” loss while you keep it movin’. I think I’m gonna follow you, see where you take my consciousness. The stimuli on a psychological level is very emotionally revealing. Makes me know there is still those who demand respect.

    • dalesanicole says:

      Why thank you very much!! As for the “Women letting the men do as they please.” I ran across something today some do that because they feel as if it’ll keep them around longer, make them gain more respect, some women have been in relationships where all they know how to do is just LET THEM DO AS THEY PLEASE and they need to wake the heck up and get it together. It’s just the things I’m seeing in the dating world as of today vs when my Grandmother’s tell me about it, I’m like WHAT HAPPENED but yeah it has a lot to do with knowing your standards and self worth if anything but thanks for the follow!! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Viv says:

    yeah, the dating scene has changed. my boyfriend and I are still traditional though..he opens doors and pulls chairs for me.I cook and cater to him and it kinda works out well for us. I tend to think relationships in the 50s were so much better.

    • dalesanicole says:

      I compeletly agree with you, I know in my heart chivarly isn’t dead but to some it is. It’s as if men forgot how to be men, but then I ask myself if they don’t have a father figure how do you know how to be a man? I’m very happy to know that your relationship is great it’s good to know some men are still gentlemann.

  3. Viv says:

    Yes, there are men who are not gentlemen but life is not always black and white.there are exceptions to the rule.just as there are chauvinistic obnoxious pigs so are there real gentlemen who take pride in treating their women good. As women I think we should choose our men wisely and not just go for anyone, in short we shouldn’t settle for less because we are afraid we might never find that one perfect gentleman. They are there! But at times women ignore them because they are not as much fun as the bad boys 🙂 We cant always get what we want, but we most certainly can get what we need that’s for sure.

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